Students begin first day of finals


Amy Phipps

Sophomore Charlotte Ehrlich studies for her next final. Exams will continue up until June 3rd.

Amy Phipps, Reporter


Students arrived to school at 9:00 a.m. to begin the first day of finals this morning.

“I feel prepared for most of my finals,” sophomore Jackie Guevara said. “I try to review in the morning right before my final so I remember as much as I can.”

Students had their D and H Period finals today to start off the week. Freshman Natalie Kushner said that freshmen do not know what to expect this week as it is their first time taking finals.

“Finals are challenging for me because it’s my first year, and that makes them kind of intimidating,” Kushner said. “I’m learning to use my Google Calendar to space out my timing for each test to help me.”  

To help students de-stress, faculty placed puzzles in the Center for students.

“The puzzles are really fun and definitely give you a break,” Guevara said. “Taking breaks like that help to not tire myself out.”

Students can use lunch and study periods to review for their upcoming finals. Many students use tools such as Quizlet to review notes.

“I use Quizlet, look over my notes and do some extra practice to help me prepare for finals,” sophomore Lili Levy said. “It’s especially useful for extra math problems or conjugation practices for French.”

Finals will continue until Monday June 3rd.

“I feel extremely prepared,” Levy said. “All of my teachers gave me as much time as they could to help us so I feel good.”