Wellness club brings finals goodies


Mason Cooney

Laurie Pomeranz, the teacher advisor of Knight Light, hands junior Sofia Telfer a hot chocolate before A Period finals. The Knight Light club provided beverages and snacks for students on the Pine-Octavia campus to ease stress before finals.

Mason Cooney, Copy Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE An abundance of Lucky Charms, muffins and hot chocolate greeted students who walked onto the Pine-Octavia Campus this morning for their A Period finals.

“I got hot chocolate before my Ethics final,” junior Sofia Telfer said. “I had been feeling a little under the weather so a warm drink was just what I needed.”

Guidance counselor Laurie Pomeranz served beverages and snacks in the courtyard provided by Knight Light, a mental health club on the Pine-Octavia campus similar to the Bring Change to Mind club on the Broadway campus.

“We know during finals, people are stressing, so we like to have hot chocolate and a little bite for them to eat,” Pomeranz, who is the teacher advisor of Knight Light, said. “That way they can start the day feeling loved and cared about with a little food in their belly.”

Senior Jessica Louie, one of three girls in the club, helped Pomeranz serve the refreshments.

“It’s good to have little moments where you have something to be grateful for,” Louie said. “I think that can really help to de-stress, especially during finals. “Having some hot chocolate and taking a moment to breathe and hang out is really important.”

The club also posted laminated paper tiles throughout the courtyard, with inspirational words such as, “You matter,” and “Be happy.”

“We want to shine light on places that might need a little illumination like our mental health,” Pomeranz said. “Mainly what we’re trying to do is support student mental health, so we like to do things that ease stress or just help people feel celebrated.”

The club will serve snacks and hot chocolate every morning during finals, according to Pomeranz.

“It is great that we have a community that helps each other during these stressful times,” Telfer said.