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Dr. Lisa Damour gives a talk at a Brainstorm Health conference about the benefits of stress and anxiety. She travels frequently to speak on adolescent development, mental health and parenting.

Exploring teen psychology with Dr. Damour

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter March 21, 2022

WEB EXCLUSIVE | Adolescent psychologist Lisa Damour, Ph.D. hosted a webinar today with ninth and tenth graders about stress, academic pressure and how to navigate the ups and downs of a high school social...

Large turnout of burnout

Large turnout of burnout

October 4, 2021

Countless studies have proven that high school students are immensely more stressed than they developmentally should be. Not only do many have to manage classes and the homework that comes along with them,...

Sophomore Claire Abel waters her plant in her living room. To keep plants alive, water is added to help with photosynthesis and the movement of nutrients in the soil.

Indoor plant growing

Elizabeth Klimek, Reporter October 4, 2021

On a sunny day, light streaming through a window landing on a thriving plant can soften the space of a home. With the different varieties of flowering plants, ivy, and succulents, growing greenery can...

Screens affect teens mentally, physically

Screens affect teens mentally, physically

Paige Retajczyk, Senior Reporter March 25, 2021

With the inability to go out with friends or participate in sports, many teens are suffering mentally and physically from being isolated for a year. “The two largest upticks that we've seen in terms...

Binge watching traps teenage attentions

Binge watching traps teenage attentions

Clara Bonomi and Tala El Qadah February 20, 2021

After arriving home from school, senior Madison Lerseth often finds herself binge watching TV shows for hours, prompting her to put off her homework and responsibilities until late at night. “I usually...

State of Grace: Mental and physical health are equally important

State of Grace: Mental and physical health are equally important

Grace Krumplitsch, Editor-in-Chief December 22, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE When a student wakes up with an agonizing migraine or sore throat, she usually emails her teachers and takes a sick day in order to recover, but if a student is dealing with a mental health...

Using less social media may be better than none at all

Using less social media may be better than none at all

Olivia Rounsaville, Senior Reporter December 14, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE What started out as an easy way to connect with friends, follow influencers and meet new people can turn into an unhealthy obsession, with screen time adding up to multiple hours a day and...

Pandemic fuels substance dependency

Pandemic fuels substance dependency

Grace Krumplitsch and Tabitha Parent October 29, 2020

Day-to-day living in a pandemic-overrun world has become characterized by a consistent lull. Lacking the business of a pre-COVID-19 daily routine and experiencing overwhelming senses of isolation, some...

Virtual learning settings take a toll on students mental and physical health.

Zooming towards a certain doom

Tabitha Parent, Managing Editor September 24, 2020

Most teenagers who find themselves a little too attached to their phone or computer, or even ones who just thoroughly enjoy the company of their family’s TV, have heard some variation of these sentences...

Staying connected can be difficult but there are a multiple of online choices to help.

Social isolation takes a toll on mental health

Amelia Froyd-Kamrath and Elise Vulakh September 24, 2020

There were no excited voices filling Flood Mansion to start the year. Students instead began the year with an unenthusiastic click of a Zoom link and waited for class to begin. With the City and County...

Like many teenagers, junior Lily Peta uses her iPad as a means of accessing social media. Netflix just released an new documentary, The Social Dilemma that focuses on what many say is the dark side of social media.

Netflix documentary prompts reflection on social media

Darcy Jubb, Senior Reporter September 23, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE As Netflix releases a documentary questioning the intentions of social media companies, students are reflecting on how social media affects their lives.   "The Social Dilemma" focuses...

Hobbies help ease anxiety amidst pandemic

Hobbies help ease anxiety amidst pandemic

Kassie DeJean, Reporter April 27, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE The current statewide shelter-in-place order has some teens experiencing loneliness or anxiousness, but they can combat these emotions by connecting with friends or trying new things. “To...

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