Freshmen celebrate Shakespeare contest winners


Olivia Rounsaville

English teacher Mark Botti congratulates the winners of the Shakespearian references contest competition. Botti dressed up as a Roman Senator from the play Julius Caesar.

Olivia Rounsaville, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Freshmen celebrated the winners of their semester-long Shakespeare competition in the Little Theatre during Collab.

“I loved that the party was Shakespeare themed,” freshman Arianna Benton, who dressed up as Portia from Julius Caesar, said. “I just love everything about Shakespeare.”

Each of the four English classes was paired with one Honors class and one regular class in a competition encouraging students to bring modern day Shakespeare references found in books, magazines and daily life to class.

“Shakespeare is such an important part of our culture, as we saw with those references,” English teacher Mark Botti said. “I feel like we need to recognize that and celebrate his work and how it is part of our lives.”

The party included a costume contest where students dressed up in Shakespeare themed attire. The prizes included a Shakespeare themed mug, pencil sharpener and band-aid box.

“In our Shakespeare contest, I saw a lot of memes about ‘shakes-pear’ so that is what I decided to dress up as,” freshman Sara Ramelot said. “I really enjoyed seeing all of the costumes and winning my Shakespearean insult bandages.”

Botti also created a 20 question Shakespeare trivia quiz and brought in Shakespeare Mad Libs for the celebration.

“This party was not only a prize for the competition winners but a way to show the students that Shakespeare does not have to be really intimidating and challenging,” Botti said. “Shakespeare can also be really fun.”