Freshmen take part in ongoing Shakespeare competition


Madeline Thiara

English teacher Mark Botti announces the scores for the Shakespeare Reference Competition. Class periods A and F are competing against C and G for the prize of a party thrown in their honor.

Madeline Thiara, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Freshmen are participating in an annual Shakespeare Reference Competition moderated by English teacher Mark Botti in which they accumulate points finding modern-day Shakespeare references to share with the class.

“Since we are reading Shakespeare in class, I feel like this competition can generate more interest in Shakespeare and his works,” Botti said. “Especially for modern readers, it is hard to connect to Shakespeare and I think this is a great way to do so.”

Before each class, students email Botti with modern day Shakespeare references such as a line of Shakespeare in a popular song, or reference to Shakespeare’s works in a TV show or movie. 

“I love participating in the Shakespeare competition because it is very fun to stay on the lookout for references in my daily life,” freshman Mira Chawla said. “I also really like the competitive part of it.”

Class periods A and F are competing against C and G. Whichever team finds the most references wins and the losing team has to throw a party in honor of the winning team.  

“The goal for the competition is to spark interest in Shakespeare,” Botti said. “This  competition also reflects how much of Shakespeare’s words and writings are present in our modern day society.”