Muslim students fast for Ramadan


Gabi Guido

Sophomore Sarah El Qadah works on her homework instead of eating food during lunch. Muslims will observe Ramadan through the beginning of June.

Gabi Guido, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Muslim students began a 30-day fast for the religious holiday Ramadan on May 6.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar. Observers of the holiday are not allowed to consume food or water between sunrise and sunset each day.

“It helps us understand the pain of hungry people,” sophomore Sarah El Qadah, who is a practising Muslim said. “It makes us grateful for what we have while also teaching us patience, will power and self-control.”

Ramadan also calls on Muslims to look inwards and be grateful for their own fortunes, along with strengthening their connection and reliance on God.

“Something that sticks with me throughout Ramadan is that whilst my stomach may be empty, my soul is full,” junior Nisrine Rahmaoui, who is a practising Muslim said. “I am feeding my soul with discipline, time-management and peace.”

The intention of fasting is to provide an understanding of the suffering of others in the world. Despite the humble intention behind the celebration, many Muslim students find it difficult to focus and see others indulge in food throughout the day.

“If we know someone is fasting during daylight hours, don’t talk about how hungry you are,” theology teacher Kate McMichael, who teaches Islam to freshmen students said. “Don’t pull out food and start eating in front of them even though they are accustomed to it.”

In order to foster a sense of community at the end of each day, Muslim families typically gather for a communal meal to break the fast. These gatherings create closer family bonding and allow Muslims to reflect on what they have learned through their fast according to El Qadah.

“I have learned how to be more patient with myself and others,” El Qadah said. “Ramadan has helped me become a more humble and patient person and I’ve gotten to be so much more grateful for what I have.”