History class discusses issues in society as philosophers


Amy Phipps

Sophomores Audrey Scott, Gabi Guido, Saron Asfaw, and Sadie Kahn present a skit about migrant caravans in character from the point of view of famous philosophers. The skits helped develop an understanding of both the students’ chosen philosophers and current issues around them.

Amy Phipps, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Sophomore history classes presented skits on philosophers who lived between the 16th and 18th centuries discussing current societal problems last week.

Students were required to choose a famous philosopher, research their lives and write a cover letter and resume applying for a job as a lobbyist.

“It forces my students to actually investigate modern history,” history teacher Michael Stafford said. “There are a lot of things happening in the world that are interesting, controversial and challenging individuals and groups within our society.”

The project helps students understand their philosophers’ views and also gives them a chance to investigate the world around them, according to Stafford.

Students were split into groups of three or four and were given a hot-button issue for their skits.

“Imagining my philosopher had to respond to a current day issue and having to act it out in a social setting really enhanced my understanding,” sophomore Char Ehrlich said. “This project helped me learn not just something temporarily important, but something of permanence.”

Issues included the migrant caravan, government funding for Planned Parenthood, climate change and whether or not to vaccinate children.

“Discussing modern-day issues from the perspective of my philosopher broadened my view on the many ways different individuals can see the same issues,” Olivia Callander said. “It helped me understand the topic as well as my philosopher.”

Sophomores will find out who got the job during Finals Week.