Freshmen are given off-campus lunch privilege


Grace Krumplitsch

ORDER UP Freshmen Paige Retajczyk and Nina Guttierez wait in line to order at Starbucks. The Fillmore Street Starbucks is a popular lunch spot among Convent students.

Grace Krumplitsch, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE After completing the first quarter of the school year, freshmen are now allowed off-campus lunch.

“It is a really exciting next chapter for them,” Freshmen Grade Chair Allyson Maebert said. “They have spent the last few months getting to know each other in a cohort, and they have had space and time to really know each other to form those new friendships.”

Off-campus lunch is a privilege designated to all sophomores, juniors and seniors while the freshmen must remain at school for the first quarter in order to have time to acclimate to the school community, according to Maebert.

“I usually go down Fillmore Street for lunch,” freshman Finley Simon said. “Jane, Starbucks and The Grove are definitely some of my favorite places to eat.”

Students can explore a variety of food options at various restaurants near campus with Fillmore and Union streets being among the busiest places for students to eat. Some students, however, opt to stay on campus for lunch while others go out almost daily.

“I do not think I will go off campus every day because I need to save money in order to go out and treat myself occasionally throughout the year,” freshman Paige Retajczyk said. “However, I feel like I have a lot more freedom because I am not in the building the entire school day. I can walk around and have some space.”

Off-campus privileges align with the Sacred Heart Schools’ Goal 5 which emphasizes wise freedom. Off-campus lunch teaches students about fiscal responsibility, time management and healthy decision making.

“My best advice is to spend your money wisely, enjoy being safe and together while having fun,” Maebert said. “But never forget that the cafeteria service is always a safe option as a backup.”