Students ‘twin’ for Spirit Week

Senior Olivia Mohun takes a picture of senior Kiki Apple and junior Cole Slater in their matching outfits before schools starts. Students ‘twinned’ with friends, teachers or in a larger group.

Amy Phipps and Laura Mogannam

Convent & Stuart Hall high schoolers spent the day in matching attire with a friend, a teacher or in a larger group for the second day of Spirit Week, Twin Day, in anticipation of the homecoming game.

Spirit representative Wellsley Cohen says Twin Day is an opportunity for community members to come together by finding something in common with someone else, even if it’s just clothes.

“It was a success and people had fun with it.” Cohen said. “I think that most people were able to find something to wear, even if it was just a pair of sweatpants and a matching shirt.”

Seniors Sydney Caba and Angie Orefice donned matching black t-shirts, jeans, Converse high-tops, and black and white flannels.

“Angie and I have similar clothes, and we knew we had the same flannel, so we matched,” Caba said. “It is a very easy, accessible Spirit Week that they put together.”

Freshman Shana Ong, who wore a matching yellow shirt with freshman Madeira O’Donnell, says seeing all the people wearing the exact same thing brightened her day.

“Madeira and I went shopping together and tried to find something that we both liked,” freshman Shana Ong said. “It was a lot of fun.”

The themes for the rest of Spirit Week will be USA Day, Pajama Day and School Spirit Day.

“The themes encompass things that people should have in their closets, so they don’t feel like they need to go out and buy something,” Cohen said. “We tried to make the spirit days as approachable as possible.”