Teacher-Student Swap Day kicks off Spirit Week


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Math teacher Amy Leaver trims junior Olivia Mohun’s blonde wig to complete Mohun’s Student-Teacher Swap look. Today was the first of the five day Spirit Week, with Decade, Pajama, Jersey and Convent & Stuart Hall Spirit Days as the themes throughout the rest of the week.

Gabriella Vulakh, Reporter

In celebration of Convent’s annual Spirit Week, students started the week off dressing as their favorite teachers while teachers dressed as either students or other faculty members.

“I dressed up as Mrs. Simpson because I have her clothes and she dressed up as me and wore my clothes,” sophomore and daughter of Head of School Rachel Simpson Cat Webb-Purkis said. “I really like dressing up outside of the uniform and having fun with my outfits because no one cares what you look like during Spirit Week.”

Spirit Week is a time for students and teachers to celebrate the Convent community and demonstrate school spirit, according to Student Life Director Devin DeMartini Cooke.

“Spirit Week allows students to take their minds off of the stress of school,” junior and Spirit Representative Anna Doggett said. “Students get to enjoy themselves and show Convent spirit.”

“I really love dressing up for Spirit Week,” sophomore Nyxa Aquino-Thomas, who was dressed as English teacher Mark Botti, said. “It lets me express my individuality and my creativity.”

The different daily themes for Spirit Week are chosen by student council members from both Convent and Stuart Hall. The remainder of the week consists of Decades Day, Pajama Day, Jersey Day and Convent and Stuart Hall Spirit Day.

“With all the recent changes in the school, Spirit Week provides consistency for everyone and brings students and teachers together to form one strong community,” Doggett said. “Getting everyone to show school spirit and support each other at the fall sports games and at the Homecoming Game makes everyone super happy and excited.”

Spirit Week concludes with various fall sports events on Friday, including a varsity tennis match against Lick Wilmerding High School, a JV tennis match against The Urban School, and varsity and JV volleyball games against University High School. The celebrations continue into Saturday with the Homecoming football game against Anzar High School and the Homecoming dance in the evening.

“As much as Spirit Week is about fall sports and fall activities like the play,” DeMartini Cookie said, “It’s also a great time for students to have fun and look forward to the rest of the school year.”