Spirit Week ends on a festive note

Sophomore Natalie Scheele grabs a spoon after buying a root beer float. Hot chocolate, donuts and pizza were also sold during the week.

Grace Ainslie, Senior Reporter

Clad in costumes from head to toe, freshmen through seniors gathered in the Little Theater to celebrate Halloween today.

“I found it really exciting to see all the people’s costumes, the way they put it all together, and it seemed like they put effort into every costume,” sophomore Marguerite Williamson said. “I’ve been to a lot of schools where Halloween celebrations aren’t very good.”

Students as well as teachers wore their costumes all day and were given the opportunity to show them off during a costume parade.

“Mr. Abdulla’s costume with the copy cat was really funny,” freshman Madeline Furey Peters said.

Halloween ended Spirit Week which consisted of Pajama Day, Spirit Day, Sports Day and Career Day.

“I liked Halloween and Pajama Day was fun,” freshman Worth Taylor said. “I found it very fun to see everyone’s costumes and to present your costume to other people so that people knew who you were.”

Student Council sold food daily that corresponded with the day’s theme to support Congé including hot chocolate and donuts, pizza and root beer floats.

“I had a lot to do during lunch this week, so I didn’t have time to buy food but I was definitely planning to buy stuff,” junior Kayla Man said.

Stuart Hall hosted Fright Knight, a Halloween themed dance that featured a Haunted House and In-n-Out.

“I haven’t been in a haunted house since I was a little kid,” Williamson said. “This would be a good place to go to another one.”