Coed classes increase


Olivia Mohun

Convent students load the bus to the Broadway campus from the Pine/Octavia campus in between classes. Passing periods were lengthened this year to allow students time to move between campuses.

Olivia Mohun, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Convent & Stuart Hall upperclassmen students observed an increase in the number of coed and cross-campus classes this year.

“Five of my classes are coed,” Stuart Hall senior Darius Ghorbani said. “I have noticed that there no longer seems to be a male majority at Stuart Hall or a female majority at Convent, it seems pretty equal.”

Longer passing periods were put into the schedule in an effort to allow students catching the shuttle from each campus ample time to travel without missing class time.

“It can get really annoying going back and forth between the Broadway campus and Pine/Octavia campus, especially multiple times a day,” senior Molly Brown said.

Other students, however, such as senior Mehan Mullins say that having more cross-campus classes allow for new friendships.

“I enjoy having class at Stuart Hall because I’m able to expand my relationships with both boys and girls,” Mullins said. “At the same time, I do think that it can be nerve-racking as a girl over at Stuart Hall sometimes.”

While the two campuses have different dynamics, according to Brown, the dress code guidelines and classroom rules have been updated in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two locations.

“At Convent, [the teachers] trust the girls and give students a lot of wise freedom,” Brown said. “The Stuart Hall campus has a lot of very strict rules and I feel like I do not see as many friendly faces there.”