‘Promposals’ sweep community


Josephine Rozzelle

Juniors Worth Taylor and Nick McGee hold up the sign McGee made to “prompose” to Taylor. Mcgee also gave Taylor avocado toast.

Laura Mogannam, Managing Editor

As prom approaches, lunches and passing periods are filled with juniors and seniors “promposing” to friends and significant others with pun-filled signs, flowers and food.

Prom will be on Saturday, May 19 at the One Kearny Club from 7 to 10 p.m.

“The guy who ‘promposed’ to me made a sign with avocados on it, and then he also gave me an avocado toast to go with it because I love avocados,” junior Worth Taylor said. “It was really cute and unique to me, which really shows the thought that was put into it.”

The signs for “promposals” frequently include puns based on something the person being asked does or enjoys.

Junior Sydney Caba said she asked her friend junior Mary Perez because they have a lot of inside jokes together that she could use to make a punny “promposal.”

“For [Mary’s] birthday last year, some people and I gave her a series of different Minion-themed things, and then for Christmas, she always makes us confetti made out of cut out pictures of our bad Snapchat selfies,” Caba said. “To mimic both things, I made this pop-up Minion card that would spit out a bag of confetti made of tiny pictures of our faces.”

Caba said that she thinks it is not necessary to ask someone to prom, but it can be fun to make a poster with puns on it.

“Before I was ‘promposed’ to, I thought they were kind of overrated and unnecessary,” Taylor said. “But once I experienced having one, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s actually really special and sweet of the person to put so much thought into something.’”