Club helps environment one step at a time


Thomasina Akamine

Environmental awareness club co-head Emma Hubbard and junior Poppy Cohen brainstorm ways of raising community awareness about climate change. Hubbard and junior Leet Miller began the club this year, which meets every other Wednesday.

Mason Cooney, Features Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Environmental awareness club met in Room 5210 to brainstorm ways that the community can reduce its carbon footprint.

“Our goal is to raise awareness about the urgent issue of climate change and how everyone can make a difference,” junior and co-head Emma Hubbard said. “It really comes down to the things that we do in our everyday lives that affect the planet.”

Hubbard and co-head Leet Miller, who began the club this year, have recently been focusing on waste sorting awareness to prevent the school from being fined, according to Hubbard. The club has created recycle, compost and garbage posters that hang around the school to inform community members about correct waste disposal.

“I think it’s a nice group of people and we’re doing really important things,” junior Poppy Cohen, who helped create the posters, said. “I look forward to getting more members and becoming more regarded as a club next year.”

The club meets every two weeks on Wednesdays in club advisor Amy Leaver’s room. Leaver says she oversees the meetings and answers logistical questions, but Miller and Hubbard plan and run the meetings.

“They both do a good job working together, sharing responsibilities and being very clear about what they want to accomplish,” Leaver said. “The club is very promising, and the members definitely are very interested and passionate about protecting the environment.”

The club created a video that was featured in an assembly earlier this year of Convent Elementary students demonstrating how to correctly sort waste. Hubbard and Miller also recently created environmental awareness posters that hang around the school.

“Moving forward, we really need to start thinking about more projects,” Hubbard said. “We want to spread awareness and also make changes to our school that can help make a difference.”