Card club provides break during school day

Laura Mogannam, In-House Media Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Card club met during lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day by betting candy while playing Texas Hold ‘em.

Card club meets every Thursday at lunch in one of the Siboni math classrooms to learn new card games, eat and hang out, according to club head Francesca Petruzelli.

Petruzelli says she started the club because she learned that she and many people in her class enjoy playing cards after the annual sophomore trip to Costa Rica.

“It’s very fun,” Petruzelli said. “Usually in December, we prepare for the casino-themed Winter Formal, so that all the girls know how to play the games like Texas Hold ‘em and Blackjack.”

Club supervisor Jordan Lewis says that it is important to have some time during a busy and stressful school day to by doing something like playing cards, which provides an opportunity for a stress-free and friendly competition.

“Cards is a level playing field,” Lewis said. “It doesn’t matter how strong or fast you are. It’s accessible to anyone and a way to relax.”

Sophomore Kate Wing says her favorite part of card club is seeing everyone enjoy themselves and becoming engaged in the games.

“You look forward to going to the meetings,” Wing said. “It’s really fun to just hang out and play cards.”