San Francisco heat wave prompts revised dress code


Sophomores Phoebe Froeb and Sunny Stuart leaving class at dismissal. Students wore the uniform skirt without tights today due to the heat wave.

Olivia Mohun, City Life Editor

Students came to school in a relaxed dress code this morning due to the record-breaking heat wave passing through the Bay Area.

Yesterday evening an email was sent out to the student body explaining that a “revised” dress code would be in place Monday in anticipation of the warm day in order to promote comfort during the rare weather.

“When I heard we were allowed to wear t-shirts and skirts without tights this morning my mood instantly got better,” junior Amelia Estes said. “I generally opt not to wear the uniform skirt because I don’t like tights, so this was a nice surprise especially considering how hot it’s been.”

The news came as a relief, according to junior Maggie Walter, who believes the heat is a distraction to learning.

“I was really happy when I heard we were allowed to wear the uniform skirt without the tights today,” Walter said. “It just allows me to focus on my work and not on how hot it is outside and how hot I am feeling.”

Normally students have the option of wearing either dress code or the school uniform. If students choose to wear uniform, they must wear the a polo shirt and the school skirt accompanied by tights.

The special occasion dress code promotes a healthier learning environment, according to junior Rachel Cramer.

“Wearing thick pants or tights with this heat would be really uncomfortable,” Cramer said. “I definitely think being comfortable in what you’re wearing contributes to your success in the classroom.”