College representatives start visits


Seniors Marguerite Williamson (right) talks to Syracuse University representative Peter Hagan (center) while Sinead McKeon (right) and juniors Darren Loy and Sofia Pirri (left) fill out papers. Hagan was the first representative to visit this school year.

Grace Ainslie, News Editor

This morning during B Period, two seniors and a junior met in the Gallery to talk with a representative from Syracuse University.

“I’ve been very interested in [Syracuse’s] conservatory drama program,” senior Marguerite Williamson, who attended the session, said. “I wanted to get more information about the school overall before just applying to their one college in particular.”

The Syracuse University representative was the first visit today; an Oregon State University representative came as well.

“This is their way of spreading about their institution and hopefully encouraging a student to consider applying to their school,” College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda said. “It’s really important to attend when students can; they can learn more about the university and get their questions answered. It also gives students an opportunity to learn about schools that may not be on their radar.

Representatives usually bring pamphlets about their college and tell prospective students information about the application process and what daily life is like at the school.

“The representative was very informative and no question was too small for him,” Williamson said. “I asked him not just academic questions but things like ‘What’s the weather like at Syracuse? Do students ever get snowed in?’ and he was very accommodating to those social questions.”

Over 90 different school representatives will be visiting the campus this fall, all of them held in The Gallery. The current visit schedule is subject to change, according to Munda.

“We are still receiving sign ups so our schedule is not set,” Munda said. “I encourage students to check the schedule if not daily at least weekly because any day we have five to 10 colleges signing up to visit, we’ll have anywhere from 80 to 120 visiting from now through the beginning of November.”