College representatives begin visits to campus

Juniors, seniors take opportunity to learn about college options


Josephine Rozzelle

Juniors and seniors listen to Johns Hopkins University representative during his visit in The Gallery. Representatives from colleges will continue to visit throughout the Fall semester.

Josephine Rozzelle, Senior Reporter

Visits from college representatives began this week, inviting juniors and seniors to sit down with admissions personnel from colleges that interest them.

“It’s a great way for students to get to know different types of colleges,” College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda said. “It can really help students begin to figure out what types of colleges they might or might not be interested in.”

70 to 100 colleges send representatives to campus each year, offering upperclassmen a snapshot of colleges around the country.

“It’s a good opportunity for students to hear from a variety of colleges without having to visit,” Munda said.

These sessions prove to be helpful to students in the college application process, according to Munda.

“You can learn a lot more about the school, more than just facts,” senior Grace Apple said. “Representatives can really talk about the campus feel and the students who go there which is a really important aspect when you are looking at colleges.”

College visits are a great time to ask questions about the college as well.

“The representative goes way more in depth and can explain particular questions that you have but can’t really search online — like about classes and what those would be like,” senior Caroline Salveson said.

The college representative can provide information on student life, job opportunities after graduation and the application process, according to Munda.

“College visits really begin to help juniors fine tune which direction they want to take their college search and solidify their criteria when they’re researching colleges,” Munda said. “For seniors, it helps them when they’re finalizing their college lists an navigating that application process.”