Sports event celebrates graduating team members

Three seniors from the varsity basketball team receive special recognition at their last home, league match.


Josephine Rozzelle

Varsity basketball player Kiki Apple finishes posters, each the face of a senior on the team, for Senior Night in the art room. The posters were hung next to each player’s name and number in the gym.

Josephine Rozzelle, Senior Reporter

Three seniors on the Convent Varsity Basketball team were honored tonight at an annual sports event held before the team’s last league game against University High School.

Senior Night celebrated captains Alyssa Alvarez, Ally Arora and Gia Monachino, all 4-year varsity athletes.

“We recognize our seniors that have played with us and all of the hard work and dedication that they have put into their team,” Athletic Director Elena DeSantis said. “It’s how we like to celebrate our seniors who make it all of the way through the program.”

DeSantis presented the seniors with a bouquet of flowers and gave a short speech about each player’s contributions to the team.

“Senior Night commemorates the hard work that seniors have put into their four years at Convent,” Arora said. “We have worked really hard and put a lot of effort into the team and so it’s a really big day, I’ve been waiting for it for so long.”

Non-senior varsity teammates give gifts to the seniors and decorate the event by making posters.

“A non-senior’s job on senior night is to make posters,” Kiki Apple, a sophomore on varsity, said. “We went all out this year and made big heads for the seniors.”

Varsity teammates hung the posters in the gym prior to the game, with each senior having two posters dedicated to them, one with their name and number, and the other a large poster of just their face. The varsity basketball team won their game, preserving their undefeated season.

“Ally, Alyssa and Gia have all been on varsity all four years, which doesn’t happen often,” DeSantis said. “They get along really well, they are great leaders, all three of them are captains, and they are a huge part of that team. They will leave big shoes to fill.”