Schools celebrate 130-year-old tradition


Elizabeth Worthington

French students sing and snap to “Il Est Né Divin Enfant” as a part of the annual Noëls celebration. All four Sacred Heart schools met on the Broadway campus at 8:30 for Noëls.

Emily Kanellos, Reporter

Schools of the Sacred Heart’s 130th Noëls celebration took place yesterday with the singing of Christmas carols in many languages.

While many kindergarteners and freshmen experienced the tradition for the first time, this is senior Ally Arora’s 12th Noëls celebration.

“It is a very cool and unique tradition that we do,” Arora said. “It brings our whole school together because we do it from K-12.”

Spanish students began practicing their Noël, “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” three weeks ago, but it came with difficulties according to Spanish teacher Mary Bicanic.

“I am not a music teacher so it is hard for me to teach other people music,” Bicanic said. “It is always a struggle to get students to memorize the lyrics, but they pulled it off well today.”

Freshman Ella Beard sang “Mi Burrito Sabanero” but said she especially liked the Latin class’s song directed by teacher Scott Roos.

“The Latin song was really beautiful,” Beard said. “It was well sung, and it felt very different from all the other ones.”

Arora did not perform with her language class, instead with the senior girls for their song “Noël de Notre Dame.”

“Watching the seniors sing their annual song has made me want to go through the whole thing because I love their song,” Arora said. “It’s really pretty.”