Physics department purchases new lab equipment


Kendra Harvey

Juniors Lauren Key, Isabella Pontecorvo and April Matsumoto and senior Julia Praeger (bottom left, counter clockwise) complete circuits to detect energy in connecting wires during a physics lab.

Kendra Harvey, Managing Editor

From new MaKey MaKey invention kits to electronic kits complete with light bulbs and alligator clips, the physics department lab-based learning recently invested in more equipment to focus on more hands on activities.

“We basically purchased components that teach high school level and college level electricity and magnetism,” physics teacher Riaz Abdulla said. “And it’s not just for current classes, but it is going to be really key for our IB program next year. We expect it will take us to many places.”

Regular and honors physics students’ labs this week include connecting light bulbs to battery packs through connecting wires to observe the loop completing a circuit before having a short lecture to review themes from labs.

“For now, we have been doing a lot of energy stuff with the flow of energy from one bulb to another,” junior Isabella Pontecorvo, who takes E Period regular physics, said. “It’s been kind of fun; connecting all the wires and to see how it works and it really helps you put stuff into perspective.”

Abdulla credits Head of School Rachel Simpson and President Dr. Ann Marie Krejcarek for their support with revamping the physics curriculum.

“We are taking on some really ambitious, awesome stuff in physics and what I want to do is deliver absolutely the best content for our students,” Abdulla said. “I want to intelligently allocate appropriate resources for our students. As we take physics into the next few years I will be making requests to purchase more equipment to help with our physics program.”