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Speaker discusses substance abuse with student body

Speaker and former substance user Brenda Conlan shows the audience a photo of her father as she discusses her experiences with substance abuse in her family. Conlan spoke with students and faculty in all four divisions throughout the day about her work as a drug and alcohol educator.

Jordan Russell, Sports Editor

February 25, 2019

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students gathered in Syufy Theatre today for a presentation about substance abuse and addiction, particularly in adolescents. “I started getting involved as an alcohol and drug educator when I was in my late 20s,” speaker and former substance user Brenda Conlan said. “I needed to h...

Friday night choices have Saturday morning consequences

Friday night choices have Saturday morning consequences

Asha Khanna, Copy Editor

December 8, 2016

Going out on a Friday night can lead to drinking or drug use, but athletes might have to ask themselves if that night of partying was really worth it when it comes time to play a basketball game or run at a cross country meet while battling a hangover. “I’ve had times when I’ve been under the influence the day before and I’ve had to go to a practice hungover...

Getting blunt about marijuana: Preventing higher risks

Liana Lum | The Broadview

Julia-Rose Kibben and Liana Lum

March 15, 2016

The legalization of medical marijuana in California has lead to increased access to dispensary-distributed cannabis products, and authorities have begun questioning teens’ intentions for buying this drug for medicinal purposes. Patients with health conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, muscle spasms, se...

Teen depression can be helped

April 5, 2012

Rebecca Siegel Design Editor When she first sat up in bed some mornings, she planned for the end. She would begin to get the affairs her 12 years on the earth warranted in order. When she stepped in front of the mirror, she compared herself to something she thought she could never achieve. She was ...

Alcoholism rooted in teenage drinking


October 30, 2009

Ina Herlihy Editor-in-Chief Kathy Lord spiked the punch bowl in eighth grade and attended the football after-parties serving alcohol sophomore year with her friends. “It was cool to be in with the in crowd,” said Lord. Forty percent of high school sophomores have admitted to drinking within t...

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