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Yes, no, maybe so

India Theriot, News Editor

May 18, 2017

Some seniors were already sporting apparel for the college they will be attending next year back in early December, yet other seniors will not have a definite idea of where they will be living in the fall until hearing from wait-list schools over the summer. Applying to and getting admitted into a scho...

Alumnae find benefits going to college close to home

Alumnae find benefits going to college close to home

April 30, 2015

While some students anticipate moving to an East Coast college or university, other seniors are opting to remain in the Bay Area because the familiar location can provide comfort while acclimating to a new environment filled with thousands of people, as well as can save money on travel costs. “A lot of my friends tell me that they would never go to college ...

Acceptance letters come; College ‘Confidential’ goes

Acceptance letters come; College 'Confidential' goes

April 3, 2009

Lauren Jung Editor-in-Chief Now that college decisions are out, I have a confession to make. I am a College Confidential junkie. I don’t even have an account on the Web site, but for the past four months, I’ve read countless threads on the forums, slurping up the latest speculation on college ...

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