Aspiring designers style a business plan

New club aims to educate fashionistas on the business principles of the industry


Alyssa Alvarez

Co-Presidents Julia-Rose Kibben and Charlotte Cobb direct their first FIDM Club meeting.

Alyssa Alvarez, Sports Editor

Aspiring designers and beauticians introduced a club at assembly today that offers opportunities to gain experience, learning about the business aspect of the beauty and fashion industries.

Juniors Julia-Rose Kibben and Charlotte Cobb came up with the idea to start the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Chapter when discussing future careers and colleges.

“I’m really interested in the beauty industry and long term, my dream is to become the Beauty Editor of “Teen Vogue,” co-president Kibben said. “In the meantime, I figured that I should get started on the business side of things.”

Kibben discovered a high school program that FIDM offers called My FIDM Fashion Club to bring to club to campus.

“On a googling whim I signed up for a mailing list, not really knowing what I was getting myself into,” Kibben said. “Next thing I knew I was in touch with admissions representatives from FIDM.”

The club plans to host workshops and programs to help students learn about the creative and business processes in design, fashion and beauty disciplines, according to Kibben.

“Workshops may be on topics such as ways to make the uniform more interesting while staying within the guidelines,” Secretary Maya Shur said. “We may talk about where clothes come from and who makes them.”

The mission is to educate members of the club to the industry and business aspect that people are not really being exposed to when they are reading Vogue or seeing tabloids with “Who Wore It Better,” according to Kibben.

“Ever since I was younger, I read fashion magazines and books and have followed that culture,” co-president Cobb said. “We are all very interested in design and journalism and merchandising fashion.”

FIDM Club held their first meeting Thursday to brainstorm ideas to start a blog and have a platform of social media where students know how the school community is being incorporated.

They will host optional weekly meetings in the Gallery during Co-Lab and mandatory workshops on a monthly basis.