New mural brings color to a bare hallway


Grace Ainslie

Alumna Sabine Kelly (’15) touches up part of the mural on the third floor near the faculty room. The doors in front of the hallway were removed before the painting of the new mural.

Grace Ainslie, Senior Reporter

Brightly colored geometric shapes stretch across the walls in the hallway leading to the Faculty Room.

“I love it, I love the colors,” Athletic Director Elena De Santis, whose office is right across from the new installation, said. “It’s super bright and welcoming into my office and Ms. Egan’s office.”

Alumna Sabine Kelly (‘15) was commissioned to create the new design along with help from art teacher Rachel McIntire and senior Serafina Cinti.

“I was working at clinics through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital this past semester,” Kelly said. “I was involved with the artist part. Painting murals, livening up the health centers and these geometric shapes were a theme in a couple of the health centers.”

Kelly worked with De Santis and others whose offices are on the floor to create a design that welcomes students into the area.

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“I don’t usually work in color, but I love the different colors that she chose,” Cinti said. “They mean different things, that’s an important part of painting such an abstract mural.”

A color was selected to embody each of the members of student support. Purple to show richness and depth for the Academic Support Director Betsy Pfeiffer, green for De Santis to exhibit activity, to represent reflectiveness blue was used for student counselor Annie Egan and orange for Director of Student Life Devin DeMartini-Cooke for liveliness.

“I suggested doing a mural while thinking back to the health care murals and how large of an impact the murals and the colors add to the space,” Kelly said. “There are theories that it can help heal with art and color in a space and since, this is a healing area, I suggested a mural and Ms. McIntire loved the idea.”

The artists started on Jan. 9 and plan to finish within a week.

“We didn’t know that it was happening that weekend so, when I got in on Monday, it was bright and exciting,” De Santis said. “I loved walking in and hearing people talk about it as they walk through.”