Local muralist visits and shares inspiration

The artist is the first of many guests who will participate in the CSH Visiting Artists Series.


Catherine Dana

Students examine drafts of Bryana Fleming’s murals as she speaks about her process for creating art.

Catherine Dana, Senior Reporter

Local artist, whose murals are featured around the city, visited today and gave aspiring high school artists the chance to ask questions and speak about their interests.

Painter and muralist Bryana Fleming grew up in San Francisco and has had a passion for painting since a young age. She has created murals for three Trader Joe’s’ locations, various playgrounds, and more. She came during lunch to give anyone interested a chance to listen to her and get input on their own art.

“I really enjoyed hearing from a visiting artist that focused on my interests,” junior Isabella Southwick said. “She provided inspiration and technical ideas that were very helpful, and I loved being able to meet a strong woman that is successful in the art community.”

Fleming brought her sketches and drafts of murals she painted and gave each student the chance to speak about their own work.

“It’s great to see the process of her thinking, It is helpful for visual research, they show your thinking and pushing different ideas.

Many of the attending students recognized Fleming’s work and had seen them in person. They asked questions from the brands of materials she uses, to her inspirations as an artist.

“I was excited to share the process of doing  showing the girls how much goes into it and how rewarding it is when you’re done,” Fleming said, “It’s possible;  it just requires a lot of hard work.”