Students misinterpret change in policy


A misinterpreted policy change implemented at the Schools is causing an uproar of criticism of the administration, with accusations of students being banned from organizing school events to benefit charities. The reality is students may still raise funds, but the process of vetting the charities has changed.

A proposal form must now be submitted to a review committee before an event is planned. This form is designed to ensure that the funds are going to a legitimate charity that meets the goals of the Schools.

The proposal form asks for information about the charity and its relationship to the Schools. While thorough and time consuming to complete, the form encourages students to dive deeper into how charities spend their money.
Gossip spreads like wildfire at an all-girls school and with that, inaccurate information. It is easier to believe a friend than to question and investigate.DC-260-B1263A104

The donations to tomorrow night’s Smile Ball — despite the name — will not go to children with cleft palates, but to Student Council. The heads of the Smile Ball club had the option to fill out a proposal form to donate the money, but the action was not carried out.

Unaware of the circumstances, many students began to believe that the Smile Ball was simply vetoed by the “administration,” rather than not executed properly.
Goal Three states that “Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action,” and committing is the first step to action. Taking responsibility goes beyond planning social activities to doing the grunt work.
Similar rumors surround the Simple Gifts Fashion Show, an annual February event which raises money for a selected charity. In light of the new policy, the club heads have already begun completing forms to ensure that a charity will indeed receive the proceeds.

Circulating rumors without checking out the facts can be detrimental to a community and this incident is no exception. As responsible young women it is our duty to investigate something that seems incredulous, whether it is at school, at home or in the greater community.

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