Convent Elementary students cheer on JV basketball

Liz Smith and Claire Fahy
Asst. Sports Editors

JV basketball’s rival game against University inspired fandom in the second and third grade Convent Elementary School students last night, with the younger girls decorating lockers, sharing bags of candy and cheering during the game to show their support after a quick meet-and-greet with the players.

Students in the stands helped start cheers with the girls, which motivated the team and contributed to their consistent lead.

“I think it’s a great way for the two schools to interact,” freshman guard Tess Holland, daughter of CES second grade teacher Diane Holland, said. “Knowing that we have a whole crowd cheering us on really makes us play hard.”

The girls picked up pom-poms and waved signs while emitting a near constant stream of cheers. The Cubs kept a constant energy to go with their dominant lead throughout the four quarters with the help from the CES cheerleaders, with the game ending 63-31 to the Cubs.

“I believe it shows the heart of the four schools,” freshman point guard Shannan Lum said. “They gave us a lot of spirit during the game.”

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