Class of 2010 begins the end of their high school careers

Jovel Queirolo
Managing Editor

End of the year ceremonies began on May 6 with Senior Tea in the Main Hall, marking the beginning of a seriesof events leading up to commencement on June 4. Administrative Assistant Jeanne Asdourian (’79), who has seen two daughters go through the Convent customs and graduations,says each event might vary year to year but are meant to
remain consistent.

“These ceremonies and traditions are a culmination of four years of intense work and play, and should be the same from year-to-year because they are beautiful in themselves and help create that sense of history and school pride,” said Asdourian.“There might be small changes year-to-year but hopefully this year will not be too different from past years.”

Asdourian says that this year’s celebration honors a class unique in its fiery nature.

“If this class were a color, it would be bright orange — the color of fire,” said Campus Ministry Coordinator Kate McMichael. “I’ve seen the girls in Campus Ministry grow spiritually and academically. They are truly like fire in that they warm us, and are stunningly beautiful inside and out.”