Senior Sister social

Freshmen orientation continues with grade-wide freshman-senior meeting


Coco Stenzler

Seniors and freshmen participate in an icebreaker led by ninth grade chair and History & Social Sciences teacher Sarah Garlinghouse 94′. Afterwards, the seniors gave advice to the freshmen about their high school experiences and moving forward to college

Ada Linde and Coco Stenzler

WEB EXCLUSIVE | Freshman and senior advisories met today to bond, exchange advice, and get to know each other as a part of the Freshman Success Program.

“My favorite thing about today’s event was getting to meet the seniors,” freshman Kaiya Koneingsberg said. “Hearing their advice for us was super helpful.”

The students gathered on Highlands Court, which allowed for them to be unmasked. The purpose of the event was for the students to connect with one other and for the freshmen to have a clearer vision of where they will be in four years, according to Garlinghouse. 

“Today was an opportunity for the ninth and 12th graders to spend some time together in small groups as a way to get to know each other,” ninth grade chair and history instructor Sarah Garlinghouse said. “There is a lot of power with upperclassmen and underclassmen developing relationships with each other in terms of peers being able to share advice and recommendations.”

Up until last year, freshmen were assigned Senior Sisters who were intended to be mentors and provide support individually, but this year, the two grade levels met for the first time as advisories. The Senior Sister program, however, will soon be introduced, according to Garlinghouse.

“I hope to get to know the freshmen a little better individually and give them some more advice,” senior Elizabeth Mullen said. “It was endearing to listen to them give us advice about going to college.”

Freshmen are assigned to their Senior Sister through a survey that inquires about their sports, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. 

“It’s nice for the freshmen to meet upperclassmen so that they feel more familiar,” Garlinghouse said. “Establishing these connections demystifies the 12th graders and it creates a stronger sense of community.” 

Last year, the two grade levels met for the first time over Zoom, but this year they were able to speak and interact face to face and freshmen were able to get a real sense of what the school community is like, according to Koneingsberg.

“In the future, I hope we get to know them better,” Koneingsberg said. “I’m looking forward to learning more things about what it’s like to be a senior and being at Convent in general.”