First Learning Lab to be held Wednesday

Extra class time for teachers to use with their discretion

Darcy Jubb, City Life Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE | The first Learning Lab will take place Wednesday as a part of the new rotation schedule, allowing more class time and opportunities for students to meet with teachers.  

Learning Labs occur during the last block on Green Days when chapel and advisory are not scheduled. Each week Learning Lab will be used for a different class period, beginning with A Period on Wednesday, giving equal time for each class. 

“The principal intention is to make sure over the course of the school year we have fulfilled the desired number of contact instructional hours for every class period,” Head of School Rachel Simpson said. “It could be used to continue the syllabus, it could be doing a special lab, or doing presentations, or taking a field trip.” 

Many students involved in sports often have to leave their afternoon classes early for games across town. Learning Lab is a time for student athletes to check-in with the teacher scheduled for that block. 

“I was happy to be given this opportunity to meet with my teachers and catch up on work that I miss,” senior Sloane Riley said. “I am a student athlete who does not have time to meet with teachers after school so I will use this time to do so.” 

Other students are looking forward to a more relaxed setting to review material, if teachers decide to use the block as study time. 

“It will be nice to meet with a teacher outside of regular class time,” senior Madison Wong said. “With the current schedule sometimes classes only meet once a week so this allows more learning time.” 

Even though they only occur when there is no chapel or advisory, almost two hours is allotted for students and teachers to get work done. Learning Lab will take place on Wednesday from 1:20-3:10. 

“The fact that they happen at less frequent times becomes an invitation for teachers to use them in different ways,” Simpson said. “Depending on how it flows within the instruction, it could be within the normal flow of things or something different, fun and supplemental.”