Returning to campus FAQ

If I cannot get a test before tomorrow/Friday will I have to wait until next session to return?

No, you can get a test and join your cohort in-person next week or whenever your results are released and you can present a negative test result. 

Am I allowed to switch between in-person and online learning if I am not able to be on campus?

You will be able to switch from online learning to in-person learning only if you have a COVID test. From there, you can opt into online learning once more, but you cannot return in-person until a new session begins.

Am I allowed to wait until the start of Session 4 to return to campus?

Yes, you just need to present a negative test result upon return.

If I am staying online, how am I going to feel engaged with the community if I am unable to resume classes in-person? 

Teachers will be giving instruction simultaneously to students in-person and those virtually learning. Many classrooms have upgraded camera systems that allow virtual students to see and interact with their classmates on campus. Additionally, all students and faculty are required to attend the virtual assemblies and Chapel services. 

What happens if a student in my cohort tests positive?

All quarantine protocols are on the school website laid out in detail. Link to Convent & Stuart Hall’s in-person learning protocols here.

How will the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays affect in-person learning?

If you have traveled and are concerned about exposure, it is expected that you quarantine for the CDC recommended time frame. If you wish to return to school after travels and think you have been exposed, you will need a negative test result. This test must be administered 5-8 days after you think you have been exposed. After receiving a negative test or after a 14-day quarantine, you may return to school. 

When will my club return to in-person meetings?

Clubs will still meet virtually; however, the new club schedule is to be announced within the coming days. 

How will my sports seasons look when my team members are not in my class cohorts? 

We are waiting on guidance from the San Francisco Department of Public Health as they will devise protocols for extracurricular activities at a later date.

How can I get across campuses during that mid-day break? 

If students have classes on both the Broadway and Pine/October campuses during the same session, they are expected to walk during the 20-minute midday break.

What types of food can I expect on campus during those 40-minute breaks? Are they the same or are they different options during the services?

The morning 40-minute break will most likely have more breakfast-related and lighter food options. SAGE dining services are also serving different options during the late afternoon break.

Where can I “hang out” during my 40-minute breaks if I am not hungry? 

Students can remain in their classrooms or outside during the 40-minute breaks as long as they are wearing their masks and keeping proper social distance from those who are eating and drinking. 

Who am I allowed to eat lunch with?

Students must spend their breaks with their class cohorts. If they are eating or drinking, they must keep six feet apart from one another to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students are expected to wear their proper PPE at all times throughout the school day, unless they are eating and taking proper social distancing measures outside.

What will assemblies/Chapel look like?

Chapels and assemblies will be virtual.

What is the dress code going to look like as we return?

As of now, dress code rules remain the same. The most important accessory is a mask and face shield, when necessary. 

Will I be allowed to leave during the 40-minute breaks to move my car?

Yes. Keep in mind that you just cannot bring a friend as you can’t social distance in a car and it violates Community Guidelines.