Switching things up

Reorganizing rooms after pandemic fatigue


Avery Stout

Junior Avery Stout works on homework in her newly redesigned room. Stout has recently painted her walls gray and added posters to her walls to have a change in her environment after spending all day at school in the same room for months.

After spending months at home with online school, many teens are reorganizing their bedrooms with trends varying from creating accent walls to adding plants or posters.

“I have been meaning to repaint my room for a while, but with a lot of time at home, I was able to check that off my list,” junior Avery Stout said about repainting her bedroom a few months ago.

Junior Roya Meykadeh has redesigned her room multiple times during shelter in place. Besides changing her wall color, Meykadeh has redecorated her room and added plants.

“I got a lot of my inspiration from TikTok and my mom because we have a lot of houseplants which I wanted to incorporate in my room,”  Meykadeh said. “My plants have helped me because it’s been really interesting watching them grow. I got my plants from Flora Grubb in the Bayview district.”

The desire to redecorate comes from the need to feel refreshed in a space that is currently used for attending classes, according to junior Madeline Drda.

“Changing my bedroom motivated me to try harder in my school work,” Drda said. “It really energized me to paint my room a new color.” 

Interior designer Tamara Sypult says when looking to switch things up, first figure out a style, using social media for reference.

“Picking a style should be your first search,” Sypult said. “When you decide ‘Oh I want it very contemporary’ or ‘I want it more colorful,’ you can go on to Pinterest, create your board, and narrow down your search from there.”

“Less is more” is a good rule to follow when switching up space, according to Sypult. 

“Something quick that can be really transformative for your room could be just switching up your bedding or getting a new rug,” Sypult said. “It doesn’t have to be a large change to mix  things up.”

Rearranging furniture can be an alternative to spending money on new decorations or appliances. 

“Especially during quarantine, I wanted to change things up,” sophomore Sage Swartz said.  “This was when I first started thinking about repainting my room and moving furniture around. I eventually finished it over the summer, and I am really happy about the way it turned out.”

Some popular trends, such as LED lights and wall tapestries, are available on Amazon, and its wide selection of decorations is a good outlet when redesigning, according to Stout.

“Even though I’ve only changed my wall color, there are some other new additions I’d like to add,” Stout said. “I’m looking at inspiration on Pinterest and TikTok and I’m thinking about maybe adding decorations or changing my bedding.”