Spirit Committee creates TikTok competition


The Spirit Committee is holding a TikTok competition to engage students even though they are not physically meeting on campus. TikToks do not need to have a designated theme but must adhere to community standards.

Darcy Jubb

The Spirit Committee has launched a TikTok competition for all students to create short videos to win spirit points for their respective grades. 

Along with other activities such as Kahoots and baking pink treats in honor of the Feast of Mater, students can submit TikToks to Spirit Committee faculty advisor Dana Kuwahara to be judged by the class sponsors, and finally the students. 

“I think it is important to stay spirited because it is a nice reminder of our community,”  junior Bridget Mills said. “Even when we are not together, we still are.” 

Submitted TikToks can range from dancing to comedy as long as they do not include inappropriate or offensive language or dance moves. 

“We chose the TikTok competition because TikTok is super popular right now, especially with teenagers,” Spirit Leader Kati Walter said. “We also thought it would be an easy way for students to really get creative and have fun with it.” 

Since school spirit is shown at home, social media is a logical tool used to promote enthusiasm from students. 

“Social media is a part of our everyday lives now so finding fun and safe ways to utilize it while we are in a virtual setting can definitely be a way to keep everyone engaged,” Kuwahara said. 

With no Pep Rally or Homecoming Dance like in previous years, the Spirit Committee is planning virtual events to keep the community engaged. 

“One of the main ways to show school spirit ways is just by participating in school things like these spirit competitions we are having,” Walter said. 

TikToks must be submitted by Oct. 23. Grades will be awarded points based on how many TikToks are submitted. 

“Social media is a nice way to connect with people, especially because people in our age group tend to use it a lot,” Mills said.