Student body participates in pep rally


Jacqui Carlson

Seniors cheer for their representatives in the relay race. The pep rally, led by the Student Council, included many school spirited games and activities.

Madeline Thiara, Components Editor

Students and faculty gathered in the gym on the Pine-Octavia campus Friday morning for an all-school pep rally led by Student Council. The event included school-spirited activities in anticipation of Spirit Week and Homecoming.

“This pep rally was a great way for the whole school to come together to share some spirit,” Student Athletics Representative Sofia Telfer said. “The rally acknowledged those in fall sports and it was a way to kick off the season.”

The pep rally showed a promotional video for the fall play, She Kills Monsters, and a video capturing highlights from the fall sports season. Student activities included a fashion relay race and a pie-eating contest where teams from each grade competed.

“It was a lot of fun to see the energetic school spirit through entertaining and interactive games,” freshman Julia Kearney said. “I enjoyed being a part of the exciting environment.”

The student council also implemented a tally system in which grades receive points if they win spirit activities throughout the school year, including the pep rally activities. A prize will be awarded to the grade with the most tallies at the end of the year.

“The tally system will help students engage in school activities as each grade will be competing for a prize at the end of the year,” Telfer said. “It could also increase attendance at sporting events and school outings.”