Athletes find alternative fitness routines

Olivia Rounsaville, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE In light of the recent coronavirus spread in San Francisco, school administrators have cancelled all sports and workouts in the gym until March 22, which leaves many students without fitness plans for a couple weeks. 

“It’s been harder for me to workout because usually I would go to track practice,” sophomore Bridget Mills said. “I think coronavirus is something that we just have to deal with and keep moving forward despite the circumstances.”

Coaches will be sending workouts for athletes to complete at home in order to make up for the loss of practice time, according to athletics director Elena De Santis. 

“We are hoping that every athlete is taking it upon themselves to do the workouts,” De Santis said. “But, it’s really up to them to do it themselves.”

Going to the training room in the Herbert Center is something many students who do not participate in school sports choose to do and instead YouTube videos or workout classes. 

“It’s important to stay home and just run on my own due to the coronavirus,” junior Naia Urruty said. “Running around my neighborhood with my friends could be a really fun alternative to going to the gym.”

Students who usually go to athletic trainer Barclay Spring or are looking for good workouts to do at home can email him for a routine to follow, according to De Santis. 

“My favorite workout of his is the warm up and then doing the ‘300 workout’,” De Santis said. “You don’t need anything and you could do it in your living room.”