Athletic events, practices canceled


Mackenna Moslander

All athletic games and practices are canceled until March 22 as a precaution against COVID-19. The corona virus is transmitted through airborn droplets on surfaces and close body contact.

Mackenna Moslander and Clara Bonomi


 Parents received an email on March 9 from the school administration informing them that all school sports are canceled for the next two weeks due to COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

The suspension of athletic activities is a precautionary measure to protect students, faculty and coaches from contracting any ailment that would require the school to be shut down, according to President Ann Marie Krejcarek.

“We are making the decision to postpone extracurricular athletic activities,” Krejcarek wrote in the email to the parents. “We look forward to continuing to hold classes as usual.”

Convent of the Sacred Heart High School is not the only school in the Bay Area taking safety precautions regarding the virus. Lowell High School, Archbishop Riordan High School and ICA Cristo Rey also canceled classes due to reported cases of students, relatives of students or staff members contracting the virus.

“I feel like it’s essential to take care of the health and safety of the students,” junior Audrey Pinard said. “It’s beneficial that they’ll be canceling extracurriculars where there will be extra contact.”

This interruption affects all students participating in spring sports including track and field, swimming, and lacrosse. Although no student appears to have contracted COVID-19 within the Convent & Stuart Hall community, an outbreak is possible, as symptoms can not emerge for up to two weeks.

“Hopefully after these 14 days, it will be cleared up and everyone will be nice and healthy and we can continue back to sports,” athletic director Elena De Santis said. “The school is just looking out for the safety of all of the students and faculty and prioritizing health.”

Coronavirus is not only highly contagious, but is also present in the Bay Area. In San Francisco alone, 13 individuals tested positive according to the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

We are taking this step to ensure essential school functions,” Krejcarek’s email to the parents said. “Limiting extracurricular activities and social gatherings is a prudent step and will be a benefit to everyone.”