Students attend ADL assembly


Alina Kushner

Chair of Community Life Paul Pryor Lorentz addresses the community in regards to the No Place for Hate movement. No Place for Hate is an organization that focuses on eliminating hate in schools and communities.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students gathered in the Little Theater for a No Place for Hate assembly and signed a Resolution of Respect agreeing to accept everyone for who they are and to help eliminate hate in the world. 

The Anti-Defamation League has helped to reduce conflict and to bring peace to the world since 1913. The ADL has worked toward eliminating prejudice and fostering a state of coexistence in schools. 

Students in Action members Elise Vulakh and Mattheus Tellini spoke about the significance of No Place for Hate and of accepting one another, especially in the season of Thanksgiving.

“The assembly was a good reminder of our morals and how to apply them to daily life in school and life in general.” sophomore Chelsea Li said. 

In correlation with the No Place for Hate message, senior Nisrine Rahmaoui discussed her experiences wearing a hijab in the Sacred Heart community. 

“I was very nervous on the first day of school when I walked in with my hijab,” Rahmaoui said. “It was so easy; everyone was so welcoming and loving.”

The assembly was scheduled before Thanksgiving Break to represent the gratitude of students for each other and for diversity in the school community. 

“The assembly aligns well with the spirit of gratitude that we want to have as being a Sacred Heart school,” Community Life Chair Paul Pryor Lorentz said. “I felt like Nisirine’s talk was an affirmation that we should have gratitude for the spirit of justice, love and compassion that we have as a school. I can’t speak to everyone’s experience, but I think in general this is a safe and loving place.” 

Students were also asked to sign a Resolution of Respect to signify that they were going to take part in eliminating hate in the school community and in the world. 

“Last week when they said they were going to be signing a No Place for Hate treaty and were presenting about the values that we embody and about how to appreciate everyone’s identity, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about who I am,” Rahmaoui said. “I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the entire school for being amazing and so loving and I’m fortunate to have everyone here.”