Scholars wear collars

New dress code includes requirements, options


Gabriella Vulakh and Gray Timberlake

Students are now required to wear collared shirts as part of the new dress code, and they have the option to wear white or blue jeans in addition to the previously allowed neutral pant and knee-length shorts colors that include black, grey, khaki, navy and olive. 

“The dress code changes every year based on students’ experiences,” Community Life Chair Paul Pryor Lorentz said. “The dress code last year provided loose guidelines for students, so we hope the collared shirt will have more of a unified look.”

Students may wear hooded or crew neck sweatshirts and sweaters that are solid colored, Convent & Stuart Hall branded or college-branded, on top of a collared shirt. Hoods cannot be worn up to cover students’ head. 

“I personally liked the old dress code because I think the clothing options allowed us to express ourselves more compared to this new dress code,” sophomore Roya Meykadeh said. “I think we will look more in uniform and more put together as a community, but I think we will loose some of our expressiveness.”

Students are also required to wear formal dress uniform for designated assemblies, religious ceremonies and all-school gatherings. Students may choose to wear the formal dress uniform during regular dress code days.

The dress uniform includes either back slacks or the grey uniform skirt — which can be purchased from Lands’ End through the website — with black tights, a white collared shirt, a burgundy sweater for Grades 9 through 11 and navy sweater for Grade 12, and black flats. 

“I feel lucky that we do not have to wear the full dress uniform everyday,” freshman Makenna Kramer said. “Since I have never had a uniform or formal dress code before, I will first need to get used to wearing the collared shirts everyday.”

Students who break the dress code will be asked to change their clothing, according to Pryor Lorentz.

“If students are not able to fix their dress code in the moment they will need to report to Mr. [Michael] Buckley or myself after class,” Pryor Lorentz said. “If there are repetitive dress code infractions, we will have a conversation with the student to create future action plans.”

More information can be found in the High School Student/Parent Handbook on the website.