Project Green Challenge offered to community


Alina Kushner

Students talk to campus representative Zoë Hinks about the Project Green Challenge. The challenge runs in the month of October and includes various eco-friendly challenges and prizes.

Alina Kushner, Reporter

Convent students had the opportunity to sign up for the Project Green Challenge today during Collaboration and lunch as a way to help the environment. 

Participants in the project in the project receive daily emails between Oct. 1 and Oct. 30 and receive their challenges and tasks for the day, according to the campus representative Zoë Hinks. Challenges consist of eco-friendly activities, which allow students to earn various prizes.

Zoë Hinks is just one campus representatives out of many in almost 518 schools, according to The Project Green Challenge. She promotes the program and encourages people to sign up by explaining the program to other students. If students sign up, they get free environmentally-friendly rewards that Hinks distributes. 

“The Project Green Challenge makes people more aware of the impact that they personally can have on the environment,” campus representative Zoë Hinks said. “This is really important, especially because of climate change going on right now.”

The Project Green Challenge is a student-run program that currently has about 2,194 student members globally, according to the Project Green Challenge website. It helps students become more environmentally conscious and teaches them about what they can do to help our environment.  

“I wanted to sign up to help the environment as much as possible,” sophomore Madison Kwan said. “I feel like every person can do a little bit, especially at such a crucial time.”

Students are able to sign up for the Project Green Challenge by going to and answering a few questions. Students are also able to create teams and compete in the challenges together.

“I thought the Project Green Challenge was interesting and I wanted to try it out,” senior Abby Widjanarko said. “It seemed like a good way to help our planet.”