Sophomores learn about overcoming personal obstacles


Bryan Lorentz sings “Here Comes the Sun” during a guided meditation. Lorentz ends class with music weekly.

Olivia Rounsaville, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE In an exercise related to the theme of “Wisdom and Knowledge,” sophomores in the G Period Sacred Texts class discussed personal struggles and overcoming hard times in their lives.

“I learned that everyone is going through their own struggles,” sophomore Mia Sassi said. “We should always be mindful of what they might be going through and always be sensitive towards everyone.

Students wrote about a specific time when they, or someone close to them, struggled and what helped them get through it. Students answer deep thinking questions such as this one by journaling at the beginning of each class.

“Today’s journal was meant to evoke a sense of realness with our humanity,” Bryan Lorentz, Theology and Spirituality teacher, said. “In the Old and the New Testament, they are all stories of challenge, failure, obstacles, and setbacks.”

After journaling, the class moved to the Reception Room in the Flood Mansion and sat in a circle before sharing personal advice on what helped them overcome obstacles. Common suggestions included asking for help and realizing that overthinking creates the majority of the stress.

“I learned that everyone understands the things you are going through more than you think,” sophomore Darcy Jubb said. “Even when you feel lonely, others are going through a lot of the same difficulties.”

The class ended with an Espacio and a musically guided meditation. Having Espacio is important because it helps people listen to how they are feeling on the inside and be more in the moment, according to Lorentz.

“The quiet can help us truly become present with others and ourselves,” Lorentz said. “Being present to each other is important to be successful in all of our classes.”