Students create art projects based off short story


Madeline Thiara

Freshman Adele Fratesi places her “All Summer in a Day” inspired art project on the drying rack. Her project portrays a dark room with a small amount of light shining through.

Madeline Thiara, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Art Foundations I students are currently participating in a creative project based on the short story “All Summer in a Day.” Their assignment is to create a piece that displays the meaning of this story which is about a girl on Venus who only experiences a day of sun every seven years.

“Although the subject of the story is very limited, it is supposed to be freely interpreted,” art teacher Malisa Suchanya said. “This project is a way of challenging students to translate text into imagery.”

Students are able to use any medium, such as canvas, wood or paper — with any materials such as watercolor, acrylic paint or pastels –  to portray what they think the is the meaning of the story.

“For my project, I am doing a watercolor painting of the main character trapped in a dark space and not able to experience the goodness of light and sun,” freshman Elizabeth Mullen said. “The process of starting the project was hard because it was difficult to think of a piece that could show the meaning.”

The project can be interpreted in many ways and it requires the students to think outside of the box, according to Suchanya.

“I chose to use acrylic paint with bold colors on wood for my project,” freshman Amelia Abernethy said. “The scene on my work is the main character protecting the sun while the world around her is desolate and dark.”

Students will work on these projects until Tuesday and will present to their classes on May 23. Suchanya will put their projects up in the hallway in the Siboni Arts & Science Center.

“This project will hopefully create more of a conscious reflection of how one would create images from text,” Suchanya said. “This project is putting together all of the skills we have learned this year into one piece.”