Upperclassmen participate in ring ceremony


Thomasina Akamine

Graduating senior Delaney Tobin presents junior Margaret Millar with her class ring. The Ring Ceremony is a Sacred Heart tradition.

Grace Krumplitsch, Reporter


The Junior and Senior Classes participated in a Convent tradition in which seniors presented juniors with their class rings during a ceremony in the Chapel.

“I’m really happy the school has this amazing tradition to give us the space to celebrate the bonds we have with our upperclassmen friends,” junior Margaret Millar said. “The Ring Ceremony felt like our shift from juniors to seniors is finally happening.”

During the Ring Ceremony, each graduating senior presented a junior with her class ring and a rose and presented a small speech.

“What I appreciate about the Ring Ceremony is the nostalgia of it all,” senior Delaney Tobin said. “I remember watching it as a freshman and sophomore, receiving my ring as a junior, and now passing that off to someone else.”

While the focus of the service was on the Class of 2020, at the end of the ceremony the seniors turned their rings, representing their step into the world as Convent graduates.

“At first I didn’t know what to expect, but it was nice to hear all the advice the seniors had for the juniors,” freshman Clementine Mohun said. “Today made me look forward to the day I’ll get to receive a ring.”

The Ring Ceremony is the first of many ceremonies and events leading up to graduation on May 31.  

“It’s nice for the seniors to be able to celebrate their shift from members of our school community to members of the world,” Millar said. “The ceremony also gives us all the opportunity to really appreciate each other.”