Faculty receive massages


Masseuse Carlos Hu demonstrates on Nicole Holt how to apply pressure to the shoulders in order to relieve tension. Hu, Holt, and Nina Stavinga were at the end of their shift, having given chair massages to faculty and staff throughout the day.

Audrey Pinard, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Massage therapists provided stress relief for faculty and staff on Tuesday in the Reception Room with back massages, scented candles, background music, and snacks.

“I wanted to help make the world a better place and then I figured out I can help people have less pain,” Masseuse and Sound Therapist Carlos Hu said. “When people have less pain, they can think better and do a better job.”

Hu attended a massage college and studied with his great grandmother who was a medicine healer for the Mayans. He has been studying Mayan priesthood which focuses on sound healing and understanding the body and the energies of the body.

“Carlos loosened up the tense muscles on my shoulders and back and guided me through deep breathing exercises,” Accounts Payable Specialist Rena Franco said. “It opened up my air passages and felt very relaxing.”

Massage therapists Nicole Holt and Nina Stavinga assisted Hu with massaging the faculty and staff. The trio has been visiting and providing massages for the Convent & Stuart Hall community over the last nine years.

“The masseuse put pressure on certain points of my back and released the stiffness by massaging the area with her elbow,” Senior Accountant Kent Nesbitt said. “I definitely enjoyed the experience and I look forward to doing it again next year.”

Technology consumption, working and not correctly monitoring health are some of the root causes of stress according to Hu. Massage therapists knead the soft body tissues to help release this tension.  

“There are many different types of massages one can get but you should pick the one that relaxes you and gives you a peace of mind,” Nesbitt said. “These moments of relief provide you more energy for the day and a quiet space that allows you to think about life.”