Community celebrates All Saints’ Day


Madi Lerseth

SING OUT The high school co-ed choir leads the school in the closing song, “Blessed Be Your Name.” Students have been rehearsing the liturgy songs in the weeks leading up to the service.

Grace Krumplitsch, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Convent & Stuart Hall High School students gathered at St. Vincent de Paul Church today to celebrate All Saints’ Day, a feast honoring the saints of the Catholic Church.

“Saints are ordinary people who lived ordinary lives in the most extraordinary ways,” Musical Director and Accompanist Grace Renaud, who sang in the mass, said. “They brought their sense of spirituality to such a degree that it was recorded in history.”

Today’s service emphasized what it means to be a saint, and how people are called to be the best version of themselves, according to Renaud.  

“It is really calming that in the midst of a busy week, you get the time to take a break from your hectic schedule to reflect alongside your classmates,” sophomore Kati Walter said.

Both girls and boys donned the full-dress uniform in order to appropriately and respectfully represent the school community while attending mass.

“Our uniform definitely makes us look more unified and connected,” sophomore Linda Karti said. “I think that it is really good to have the uniform on special days where we go places altogether.”  

The next school liturgy, which includes all four divisions of Convent & Stuart Hall, will be held on Friday, Nov. 16 at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

“I am really looking forward to the next mass,” said Renaud. “My dream would be if the students were having such a good time that they let go in the spirit of music.”