Poster making embraces school spirit


Adele Bonomi

Juniors Bella Shea and Isabelle Paul make signs for the volleyball game on Friday, as well as the football game on Saturday. Signs are meant to demonstrate school spirit at games.

Adele Bonomi, Senior Reporter

WEBEXCLUSIVE Students gathered in the Stuart Hall High School courtyard today to make signs and show their spirit in support of Friday and Saturday’s homecoming games. Sign-making is one of the many spirit events that will be happening this year, including a pep rally and other dances.

“We planned poster making because it adds another component to the school spirit and pride that we are fostering at Convent & Stuart Hall,” spirit representative Wellsley Cohen said. “Poster making, spirit week, and similar things get students involved in the excitement and help them feel like they are contributing to the homecoming event, even if they are not an athlete.”

The poster making session was led by math teacher Lindsay MacGarva and intended for students to make signs for cheering peers on in the homecoming games tomorrow.

“I was talking with Wellsley and she offered to have [poster making] again after it was successful when we did this for the basketball team,” MacGarva said. “I went to a large public high school, so I am used to this type of [spirit] for sports events, and I wanted to pass that on to other students and the student body.”

Having someone rooting and cheering the team on while playing can raise a game to the next level, according to junior Bella Shea.

“When there are fans, I feel way more engaged in the game,” Shea said. “One time, I messed up a set of mine, but I heard my friend cheering for me. I felt better and aced the ball next time.”

A sense of school spirit, starting with the poster making, builds community and brings grade levels together, according to MacGarva.

“I definitely think that school spirit is important, especially for the community,” MacGarva said. “It highlights kids that in the classroom do not feel that they can stand up as much, but on a sports field it is their opportunity to shine.”