Fall play announced


Gray Timberlake

Theater Program Director Margaret Hee debriefs a video showing an example of contemporary theater in the Syufy Theatre. Students interested in participating in the fall play watched these videos and discussed the fall production, Metamorphoses.

Gray Timberlake, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE New Theater Program Director Margaret Hee and students interested in joining the cast or participating in the stage crew for the fall play gathered to discuss this year’s production, Metamorphoses.

Metamorphoses is a modern adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses by American playwright and director Mary Zimmerman. The original text is a Latin epic poem, written by Ovid, a Roman poet born in 43 BCE.

“As you can tell by the name, it has to do with change,” Stage Manager Isabella Bermejo said. “I think that is very appropriate for this setting because we experience so much change in high school.”

Hee says she is looking to create a more robust program in which students can amplify their voices and incorporate their input about the productions.

“I encourage you all to dream big,” Hee said as she closed the meeting. “Because that’s what I do, and I cannot wait to dream big with all of you.”

Hee plans to include an instrumental piece in Metamorphoses which will be set in the middle of the stage next to a pool of water. The pool of water in this production is representative of change and powerful transformation, according to Hee.

“Water can be very calm and then quickly become turbulent,” Hee said. “There’s a lot that lies beneath it that is not brought up to the surface, which can symbolize the high school experience, and symbolizes the change in Metamorphoses.”

The Convent & Stuart Hall cast and crew will begin rehearsals next week, in preparation for performances on Nov. 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 17 at 2 p.m. in Syufy Theatre.