AP Testing this week

Adele Bonomi, Assistant Web Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE This week juniors and seniors took Advanced Placement tests including the AP Chemistry Test, and Art History test, each lasting over three hours.

“I took AP Art History this afternoon and will be taking AP Statistics next week,” senior Francesca Petruzelli said. “APs are different from standardized tests such as the SAT because you learn the information over the course of a year which then culminates into a test at the end of the year. The goal is to test well in order to place out of an introductory level class in college.”

The content of the test challenges students academically, while the length assesses their mental stamina according to Art History teacher, Sarah Garlinghouse.

“The AP tests for many students is the first time that they have taken a long exam, more than three hours, so it is time-consuming and intense,” Garlinghouse said. “Just being able to sit for an exam which is cumulative, you learn a lot about how you process information and how you are able to communicate what you know.”

Some students, such as junior Isabella Bermejo, are not enrolled in AP courses but chose to take the exam to test their knowledge in a certain subject.

“I took the AP Chemistry test on Monday,” Bermejo said. “It was definitely longer and harder than a normal exam and had the feel of a standardized test. The language of the test was different and definitely more challenging.”

Petruzzelli says that how the AP tests introduce more advanced material that is included in college courses.

“AP scores for college applications are like an accessory,” Petruzzelli said. “Colleges look at both standardized test scores as well as AP scores but the standardized test scores are looked at much much more than AP scores.”