Sports captains discuss leadership

Spring sports captains met today in room 207 for their regular captains’ council meeting during lunch.

“We talked about what makes a good captain and how we can motivate our teammates to be their best both inside and outside of the court, pool of field,” swim captain Anna Doggett said.

The council consists of captains of the eight spring sports from both Stuart Hall and Convent High School. While eating pizza, the captains discussed team culture and reflected on what type of captains they thought they were.

“We usually talk about ways we can make the team better, team spirit, and how to include everyone,” badminton captain Diego Corea said. “It gave us a perspective on what to do for the future and guided us to succeed as a team.”

The captains’ council meetings, which began in 2015, are lead by Athletic Director Elena DeSantis and Anthony Thomas, Director of Athletics and Physical Education, according to DeSantis.

“The goal is to create better leaders out of our captains, so they can create the culture that they want on their team and in school,” DeSantis said.