Sophomores discuss class dynamic


Adele Bonomi

Sophomores listens to Ann Miller, guest speaker, during a meeting about leadership skills and inclusion.

Adele Bonomi, Assistant Web Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE The Sophomore Class met in Mother Williams Library today for an interactive discussion led by an outside speaker to discuss how to create a better class dynamic and develop stronger leadership tools.

“I think it is important to have these meetings because everyone gets to get together and talks with their grade,” Ann Miller, the discussion leader, and Convent of the Sacred Heart alumna said. “Since we are so busy with our lives, sometimes we never get to think beyond, ‘Did I do well in French or on that history quiz?’”

The conversation brought up ideas concerning what makes a good leader and how to assert yourself in group situations without being a non-contributor or being too controlling, according to sophomore Lila Horwitz.

“I did not realize that my actions everyday impact my classmates as much as they do, especially in social settings,” Horwitz said. “I definitely want to incorporate what I learned from today’s meeting into every day, maybe by choosing to sit to different people in class.”

Sophomore Bella Shea says took away a new sense of her awareness of how she has branched out this year and made new friends, especially during the annual Sophomore Class trip to Costa Rica.

“I realized that Costa Rica was more than just an extended field trip and that I actually got to know my peers much better,” Shea said. “I want to remember to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am now going to go up to people that I do not normally talk to in our class because I will be spending two more years with them.”

Miller chooses to visit Sacred Heart Schools and inform girls about leadership because she wants to nurture female strength specifically in the workspace.

“My education as a child of the Sacred Heart enabled me to be strong enough to be the first women in my law firm, and so if I can help other children of the Sacred Heart around the world I seize the opportunity,” Miller said. “It has been so fun getting to know all of the students and the teachers. I want to do what I can do to make it better for the girls that are in school now.”